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Accreditation Canada Leading Practice

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‘Sharing without Merging’ – A Joint Venture Initiative

In the next 25 years, Ontario, like other jurisdictions, will face a rising tide of seniors, many of whom will have complex health-care needs.  By 2036 one of every four Ontarians will be 65 or older; the number of people 75 or older will be 2.5 times larger and the number of people 90 and older will triple.  We are faced with a dramatic increase in the number of seniors who will need care and we are seeing an equally dramatic decrease in the number of family members on hand to provide it.

To face a future of increasing service demand and reduced government funding, the CEOs of CANES Community Care, Etobicoke Services for Seniors and Peel Senior Link have embarked on a joint venture - “Community Care Partners”.

The three joint venture CEOs and their governance Boards (each with similar governance structures and management styles) have developed a capacity building partnership model that is outcome and performance driven; a valid and reliable model that can be tested, measured, shared and replicated by community agencies across Canada.

The Joint Venture Partners remain independent of one another; accountable for and in alignment with their own actions.  



The Community Care Partners have seen numerous opportunities to move forward together:  

  • Exploring models of integrated service delivery improving our response to the complex needs of our clients and family caregivers
  • Sharing governance policies and quality management programs
  • Enhancing the service capacity, infrastructure and sustainability of our 3 organizations
  • Acquiring and retaining new revenue streams consistent with our common vision, mission and values including developing a joint social enterprise
  • Sharing back-office services including technology, staff training and education, collaborative purchasing, joint marketing, employee group benefits
  • Preparing for changes in the political landscape at the municipal, provincial and federal levels
  • Disseminating the joint venture ‘roadmap’ to not-for-profit organizations across the Province and across Canada, for example, Ontario Community Support Association and Canadian Home Care Association Conferences  both held in 2012.

Significant Outcomes

  • Back- office services and resources (Shared Banking institution and Group Benefits Program)  resulting in cost savings for all 3 agencies
  • Shared training and education opportunities for tri-agency staff and volunteers
  • Joint Governance and Senior Staff retreat
  • Shared Quality Management Review – developed, enhanced and unified (where appropriate) tri-agency governance and operational policies, best practices and quality management programs
  • Joint Venture committees established (Governance Advisory, Grant Writing and Accreditation Preparedness) and working together


By 2020, the number of seniors requiring home supports in our three service areas will have grown by well over 75%.  Our three organizations will be better able to address these increasing needs through a collective approach in a time effective manner.



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